Hello Students, Teachers and the Public…

Welcome to my own personal blog, why such an intriguing title you may ask? well its simply because I’m fed up of the way things are currently in regards to Catholic Secondary Schooling,and everything that revolves around this critical learning environment . I will cover Key issues and concepts that i believe have failed to be met, its time the public hear out the students in what they believe, and become aware of the lack of progress of educational change in the 21st century world, covering issues from network solutions to the typical school environment itself, and reveal the real lack of technological needs… this site’s purpose is to voice a range of Catholic School student’s opinions and reflections in what the Catholic Education Office has provided or promoted in their schooling years, and whether it really has benefited the student in their progress through education

Well good luck, and tune as as this site expands into a rich variety of valuable student opinions!


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